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Happy Birthday Hang The DJ!
October 14, 2010 06:14 PM PDT
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You'll never guess what...


So here's a special birthday mix to celebrate...


Laughing Light Of Plenty - The Rose
Manu Debango - Soul Makossa
Fela Kuti - White Days (edit)
Mim Suleiman - Nyuli
DJ Rahaan - Waterbedman
Marathon Men - Sweet Exorcist
Delphic - Doubt (Kyle Hall remix)
MK - Burning (MK Club edit)
Don Blackman - Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
Alex O. Smith - Plesetsk Cosmodrome
Seiji - Yesman
Jay-Z - Big Pimpin'
Eliphino - Let Me Love You Forever
Maddslinky feat. Omar - Special (MJ Cole's Back To The Future mix)
Wookie feat. Lain Gray - Battle (MJ Cole Vocal mix)
Cooly-G - Love Dub
Roy Davis Jr. feat Peven Everett - Gabrielle (Live Garage Version)

MASSIVE LOVE to everyone who came down to the Horse & Groom last Friday for our very first London party.

Let's hope it's the first of many to come.

... and remember

Keep It Well Hung!

El Harvo Future Boogie Mix
October 09, 2009 03:03 PM PDT
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With it’s beginnings six years ago in Bristol as the club night ‘Seen’, the Futureboogie DJs and parties have become highly regarded in their home town, across the UK, and beyond.

The cast of DJs may have changed over the years, but the hallmarks of no boundaries quality music and a good party have survived, and are now in the capable hands of Joe90, El Harvo, and Kid Bongo.

This episode sees El Harvo step up with Future Boogie Dj's special blend of disco, techno, house, soul and funk.

Taking in all kinds of music from Aretha to acid house, hip hop to hoe downs, boogie to broken beat, Harvo sure likes the knees up and packs the beats needed.

Now also the proud father of Club Dave, he can be found ‘pon the decks’ in Bristol and around the country, including new residencies at The Big Chill House & Bar in that there London.

Trus'me live in New York
September 08, 2009 03:18 PM PDT
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Hang The DJ is 2!
Yes it's our second birthday, so to celebrate we've got a very special mix from Trus'me, who was on hand to help us celebrate our first anniversary a year ago at the launch of A Mystic Brew.

For now the Brew has been put into hibernation, but we'll be back at our new residency, every Sunday at the fantastic new DISTRIKT bar.

No tracklisting I'm afraid, so here's an interview that our very own Officer Boogie did with Trus'me instead.

When Kzm Kzm Kzm met…TRUS’ME.

The thing about Dj names is they are famously hard to get right. A good Dj name can be the difference between a good Dj who plays locally in bars and clubs and an internationally recognised Dj. Of course I am joking, of course the success of the Dj is very much down to his ability behind the turntables, in front of the crowd and behind a production desk in a studio making music. Needless to say though that as a brand package, a good Dj name is pretty essential, that’s not to say that bad Dj names can’t be successful, look at Fat Man Scoop.

David Wolsencroft also known as Trus’me, hails from the Musical Mecca that is Manchester and is responsible for one of the best Dj names I have come across for quite some time. “It all stems from the saying "Trust me" which is often used as a confirming close to a sentence by various people in all genres of soul music, especially in the UK. When spoken it is abbreviated to "Trus'me" hence the name. The idea being that I would like people to trust in me as a DJ and as a producer.” Trus’me is very much a producer and a Dj who we can trust. Pre 2007, David ‘Trus’me’ James was still very much under the radar, in fact it would be safe to say no-one had even heard of him, but since the release of his debut album ’Working Nights’ Trus’me has become the Dj’s Dj and has received more hype than anyone in the dance club seen. Pioneer of the British music and world wide beats, Gilles Peterson even exclaimed that “if there was ever a house record made for him it would be this one [Working Nights]”. the question is though, what was Trus’me doing before he became one of the most sought after Dj’s on the planet, literally overnight? “I've always been into this music shit! Soul, Reggae, Disco, Hip-Hop, Techno, house and so on. I guess my constant obsession with music has helped me become a better producer. I Started like most DJ's do playing around the bars of Manchester, learning what music works a crowd and more importantly which music doesn't. It's practicing your craft like any art form, these new producers out there, big names who suddenly have a list down there arm of DJ dates hit the road with zero experience and it shows. So next time your nagging a Bar DJ to play your request or even looking down on them in some way as there playing your local boozer you could be knocking the next Derrick May”

Then came Trus’me’s first EP and his full length debut album which replicates a lot of 70’s and 80’s Funk, Soul and Disco. It is very easy to spot Trus’me’s musical influences, however the problem is there are too many. Although his album would be considered a House record, there is no doubt that it is also a Soul record and at times Disco record and later a Jazz record, it is obvious that Trus’me is a true ‘crate digger’ and his musical knowledge is evident. “The records I cherish the most are the 6 to 7 track LP's from the likes of Roy Ayers and Marvin Gaye. These were lp's that were made with one goal in mind to produce a cohesive piece of music that tells a story form start to finish.” Working Nights has the same feel, it is an album. Although there are stand out tracks on there and tunes which are floor fillers, it is an album which to be appreciated fully needs to be considered as one piece of music. “To many records are made with the intention of just putting hits together but for me this a tired method. I wanna sit down with a cup of tea and listen through a full length not noticing where one track ends and another begins, apart from when the record needs flipping”.

It is obvious Trus’me is destined for great things but it would be futile to ignore the fact that within a couple of years he has gone from a little unknown Dj playing in bars around Manchester to headlining some of the most prolific clubs on the planet playing along side some the most revered Dj’s on the planet. Trus’me recently played in Leeds at ‘A Mystic Brew’ and I wonder which gigs apart from his Leeds date have been most memorable. “Ha Ha the Leeds party was great, just how I like it an open crowd, who come with an attitude to dance and hear new music, what more can you ask from a crowd. But there is one gig that really stands out in my mind. It's no secret that Detroit is a huge influence and building block to my sound as the music of Detroit and Manchester have been interlocked way before I was even alive. So growing up and clubbing in Manchester you couldn't help but be inspired by these big DJ names from Detroit. So when I visited Detroit it was kinda like a priest perfroming a Mass in Rome. They were all there Theo, Rick, Kenny, Malik I mean all of them. So here I am playing in Detroit tearing it up with all these heavy weights dancing there tits off in the booth with me. A feeling of acceptance by your peers I guess can't be beaten.”

It is easy to forget the colossal impact Trus’me has had on the dance music scene over the last few years, most probably because he himself seems so unaffected by it all. Predictably so, the future looks bright for Trus’me, his new, very eagerly awaited LP is in the pipe line. “The new LP "In the Black" should drop In February with Guests Amp Fiddler, Paul Randolph, Jose James & Monique Bingham. Also an LP with Third Ear for later in 2009 and countless remix's also on the way.”

The One That Got Away
July 23, 2009 11:31 AM PDT
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The final Ebor raveup was immense. A fantastic send off for a very special basement.

But after being stuck on the graveyard shift at 6am with me and the unfortunate early finish, Dan Doherty was left frustrated to have only played two records.

The Don had a set and he wants you to hear it.

After listening maybe you'll agree it might be a good idea to put him on a bit earlier next time.


Basement Dive (The One That Got Away)
mixed by Dan Doherty

Ronnie Hudson & The Street People – West Coast Poplock
Herbie Hancock – Rockit
Rockers Revenge – Sunshine (Greg Wilson Edit)
Pattie Labelle – Music Is My Way Of Life
The Chemical Brothers – Got Glint? (Flytime Edit)
Michael Jackson – Rock With You
Stevie Wonder – Do I Do
Alicia Myers – I Want To Thank You
Tele Music – Disco Free (Faze Action Edit)
India – To Be In Love (Accapella)
Brass Construction – Movin’
Lee McDonald – I’ll Do Anything For You (Red Astair Philly Mix)
Garnet Mims & Truckin Company – What It Is
Funkadelic – (Not Just) Knee Deep
Midnight Express – Danger Zone
Legacy – Word Up
Shaun Escoffery – Days Like This (Spinna & Ticklah Mix)

Keep it hanging.

Time For A Brew
April 23, 2009 03:18 PM PDT
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It's almost that time again.

After taking a break for Easter we're back for Brew No.7 and we're as pleased as Whitney and Bobby with a bag of crack that Mr. Danny Berman aka Red Rack 'Em will be joining us for the final brew of term.

Hailed as the UK's answer to Moodymann, Danny's productions have been getting the props and play time from such heavyweights as Laurent Garnier, The Unabombers, Greg Wilson and Gilles Peterson and he's just had one of his mixes aired on Gilles' Worldwide show.

Not only is Danny one of the hottest producers on the planet, recently signing to uber cool Tirk recordings; home to Fulton, Greg Wilson and Tom Findley [Groove Armada], as a DJ, Rack 'Em knows how to work the floor mixing up anything from Disco, House and Boogie to 2-step, Electro and Wonky Hip Hop, Danny smashes it every time.

To give you a taster of things to come, we've got a heavy, heavy offering from Nottingham's No.1 pirate for your listening pleasure.

Red Rack 'Em "The Mother Fuckin' D"


Soulphiction "Dark Berry"
Fudge Fingas "Gettin’ Togetha"
Inverse Cinematics "Passin’ Through"
Andres feat Negue Hernandez "About Time"
Mark E "Touch"
Oblique "Love Town"
Theo Parrish "First Floor Metaphor"
Soul 223 "In Search Of Slowly"
Mark E "Slave 1"
Red Rack’em "You Can’t Pray For Your Soul"
San Proper "Twiff Twaff"
Theo Parrish "Twin Cities"
Linkwood Family "Miles Away"
Iken "Minds Eye"
Theo Parish "That Day"
The Godson "Magic Water"
Moodymann "Don’t Be Misled"

And if this leaves you wanting more you can check Danny's Smuggler's Inn radio show fortnightly on http://radio.myhouse-yourhouse.net/ or go to www.redrackem.com for more mixes and releases.

Balearic Dreams
March 23, 2009 07:59 AM PDT
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I've always hated the term 'Balearic'. It's a word typically reserved for the kind of wishy-washy, soulless, chillout nonsense you'd find on a Daily Mail freebie and I hate the Daily Mail more than I hate the term Balearic.

This mix is different though. Tuning in to the true meaning of Balearia, face-melting sounds locked into low-slung grooves and not a single trombone in f**kin' earshot.

It's another brilliant contribution from one of Hang The DJ!'s favorite DJs.

Leigh Lerwill "Balearic Dreams"


Downtown Brooklyn Inc. "10 Jay Street" (610 Dub)
House Of House "Rushing To Paradise"
Mugwump "Boutade" (Original Mix)
Weirdo Police "Missed Wish Part 1" (Tomas Malo Remix)
Mat Playford "Thoughts Become Things"
Mugwump "Boutade" (Miseridub)
Presence "Gettin' Lifted"
Francois K "Hypnodelic"
Freestyle Man & George Spruce "Baby Wants To Ride"
Einfach "Lemany"

We'll see you on the beach!

Noah's Ark 10th July, Petrecane, Croatia

Would You Kiss Me If I Was Blind?
March 08, 2009 08:57 AM PDT

Now it's time for the next installment, introduced by me, Kzm Kzm Kzm. Usually Horace_James would take pleasure in introducing each episode, but for some unknown reason he is unavailable.

This episode is the one you have all been waiting for; well at the very least it is the one I have been waiting for. Actually recorded and compiled about a month ago it has just been sitting in Horace’s basement collecting dust all this time. Apparently he has been busy. Alas, enough about the inadequacies of our very special resident Horace, time for the mix.

This particular mix, called "Would You Kiss Me If I Was Blind?" was conceptualized on a recent trip to Berlin. It's root lies in a hedonistic weekend to the Minimal Mecca that is Berlin. Fortunately for you, it sounds nothing like it. It sounds like Horace and I have been DJing in sweaty basements, converted lofts and room 2s. And it just so happens we have.

This mix, like the last one we compiled together; ‘Am I Black Enough For You?’ is the epitome of the Hang the DJ! sound, unable to be reproduced by anyone else. No-one else understands Hang the DJ! like we do. Ali Gudgeon, Tom Smith, Leigh Lerwill, Eddie Roscoe, Dan Doherty, we salute you. You are all revered DJs in my eyes; however here is a mix that is truly, madly, and deeply; Hang The DJ!

Tighten your shoelaces, loosen up shoulders and get ready for the disco shrug. Here it is, the second installment from Kzm Kzm Kzm & Horace_James; "Would You Kiss Me If I Was Blind?"

Answer’s on a postcard.


DD & Rakim "I Know You Got Soul" (G.W. edit)
Beatconductor "I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You"
Marcellus Pittmann & Theo Parrish "Night Of The Sagittarius"
Popular People's Front "I'll Make Your Day"
Discolexic "Night (Feel Like Getting Down)"
Lykke Li "Little Bit"
Unknown Artist "Why Can't We Live Together" (Rahaan edit)
6th Borough Project "Planets"
Sylvester "Over & Over"
Mr. Scruff feat. Andreya Triana "Hold On"

Keep It Hanging!

***NEXT PARTY ****


KKK, Horace James, Tom Thorpe

(Smokestack, Lower Briggate, Leeds City, £5 only, 10.30-3.30am)